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September 28, 2023


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Light Fantastic is a BBC documentary series presented by Professor Simon Schaffer, telling of the history of optics.

The series consists of four episodes that explore some of important historical events of light, including scientific researches, culture and economic development. The first episode "Let There be Light" shows how much of modern science's origins came from the desire to penetrate the divine nature of light. The second episode "The Light of Reason" explores the link between the development of practical tools that manipulate light and the emergence of new ideas. The third episode "The Stuff of Light" charts the discovery of the nature of light and its impact on the modern world. And the fourth and final episode "Light, The Universe and Everything" looks at how puzzling studying light turned out to be and how it affected knowledge of science, art and the human mind.

Course Curriculum

  • Episode 1 – Let There be Light Unlimited
  • Episode 2 – The Light of Reason Unlimited
  • Episode 3 – The Stuff of Light Unlimited
  • Episode 4 – Light, The Universe and Everything Unlimited

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