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July 30, 2022


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Unlimited Duration


This course discusses the selection and evaluation of commercial and naval ship power and propulsion systems.

It will cover the analysis of propulsors, prime mover thermodynamic cycles, propeller-engine matching, propeller selection, waterjet analysis, and reviews alternative propulsors. The course also investigates thermodynamic analyses of Rankine, Brayton, Diesel, and Combined cycles, reduction gears and integrated electric drive. Battery operated vehicles and fuel cells are also discussed. The term project requires analysis of alternatives in propulsion plant design for given physical, performance, and economic constraints. Graduate students complete different assignments and exams.

Course Curriculum

  • Resistance and propulsion (propulsors Unlimited
  • Propeller testing – B series Unlimited
  • Actuator disk Unlimited
  • Design using Kt (Kq) curves Unlimited
  • Propeller note book Unlimited
  • Cavitation Unlimited
  • Waterjet notes Unlimited
  • First law Unlimited
  • Summary of thermo Unlimited
  • Second law Unlimited
  • Availability Unlimited
  • Keenan availabilty Unlimited
  • Propeller design plot example Unlimited
  • Units (propulsors) Unlimited
  • Water properties Unlimited
  • Rankine cycle Unlimited
  • Rankine cycle vs. pressure and temperature Unlimited
  • Practical Rankine cycle Unlimited
  • Rankine cycle with regeneration Unlimited
  • Rankine cycle vs. pressure with reheat Unlimited
  • Combustion Unlimited
  • Relationships for gases Unlimited
  • Properties of gases Unlimited
  • Basic dual cycle diesel notes Unlimited
  • Diesel (cont.) or catch-up Unlimited
  • Polytropic efficiency Unlimited
  • Brayton cycle summary 2005 Unlimited
  • Brayton cycle – irreversible examples Unlimited
  • Open Brayton cycle Unlimited
  • Creep Unlimited
  • Electrical theory overview Unlimited
  • Motors and generators overview Unlimited
  • Reliability and availability Unlimited
  • Repairable systems supplement Unlimited
  • Reduction gears notes Unlimited
  • Marine engineering Unlimited
  • Gear geometry Unlimited
  • Helical gear geometry Unlimited
  • Gear geometry Unlimited
  • Helical gears Unlimited
  • An attempt at showing gear meshing Unlimited
  • A more completely designed gear video Unlimited
  • Gear automation and design revised Unlimited
  • Air independent propulsion Unlimited

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