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August 2, 2022


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The course presents a systematic approach to design and assembly of mechanical assemblies, which should be of interest to engineering professionals, as well as post-baccalaureate students of mechanical, manufacturing and industrial engineering

It introduces mechanical and economic models of assemblies and assembly automation at two levels. “Assembly in the small” includes basic engineering models of part mating, and an explanation of the Remote Center Compliance. “Assembly in the large” takes a system view of assembly, including the notion of product architecture, feature-based design, and computer models of assemblies, analysis of mechanical constraint, assembly sequence analysis, tolerances, system-level design for assembly and JIT methods, and economics of assembly automation. Class exercises and homework include analyses of real assemblies, the mechanics of part mating, and a semester long project. Case studies and current research are included.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction, Logistics, Context, History Unlimited
  • Assembly in the Small – Step-by-step Process -Assembly Motions and Forces Unlimited
  • Assembly in the Small -Rigid Part Mating Theory and RCC Unlimited
  • Key Characteristics Unlimited
  • Mathematical Models of Assemblies, Feature-based Modeling of Assemblies Unlimited
  • Constraint in Assembly-1 Unlimited
  • Constraint in Assembly-2 Unlimited
  • Variation Buildup in Assemblies-1 Unlimited
  • Variation Buildup in Assemblies-2 Unlimited
  • Assembly Sequence Analysis, Algorithms, and Software Unlimited
  • The Datum Flow Chain-1 Unlimited
  • The Datum Flow Chain-2 Unlimited
  • More DFC Unlimited
  • Assembly in The Large – Basic Issues, Economics, Step-by-step Process Unlimited
  • Product Architecture, Flexibility Unlimited
  • Design for Assembly – Theory and Examples Unlimited
  • AITL System Design Issues: Kinds of Assembly Lines and Equipment, Production Volume, Cycle Times Unlimited
  • Assembly in The Large: Workstation Design Issues Unlimited
  • Assembly System Design Techniques and Simulation Unlimited
  • Economic Analysis of Assembly Systems Unlimited
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems Unlimited
  • Outsourcing, and Supply Chain Management or Student Show and Tell Unlimited
  • 767 Wing Case Study Unlimited

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