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September 22, 2023


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The Economic system of Islam is very balanced one. Islam does not deprive a person to take benefit of all halal (permissible) things, while it has banned all illegal means of earning like deceit, corruption, gambling, etc. Among all evils, interest/usury is the worst form of earning and those who are involved in transactions based on it, they have been threatened with hell. While on the other hand, in most banks and other financial institutions, transactions are carried out on the basis of interest. This is why Muslim scholars worked out alternative modes based on Islamic financing to replace interest-based transactions. In this article six modes of financing i.e. Musharakah., Mudharabah, Murabahah, Ijarah, Salam and Istisnah have been discussed. If these Islamic modes of financing are adopted in banking sector and in other financial institutions ,then it is hoped that in a very short span of time elimination of riba would be possible.

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Misbah Rauf
Currently ,i am a student of computer science.and working on many projects like image processing, cloud computing + freelancer. 
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I am misbah Rauf student of computer science. I have studied hard to become a good computer scientist.I complete many challenging projects related to my field .i expect to graduate from GIFT university with at least 3.5 CGPA. I am eager to implement what i have learned in a practical and impactful manners as an instructor. Teaching is my passion because i believe that teachers are the building block of a society. So how much the society will strong depend on the teachers. I did a lot of hard work to become a good student and i am 100% confident that with my expertise and hard work i will be the best instructor for my younger students.