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August 31, 2022


Unlimited Duration


This course includes:

Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


The topics covered in this course include:

  • Languages and compilers to exploit multithreaded parallelism
  • Implicit parallel programming using functional languages and their extensions
  • Higher-order functions, non-strictness, and polymorphism
  • Explicit parallel programming and nondeterminism
  • The lambda calculus and its variants
  • Term rewriting and operational semantics
  • Compiling multithreaded code for symmetric multiprocessors and clusters
  • Static analysis and compiler optimizations

This course is worth 4 Engineering Design Points.

Course Curriculum

  • Expressing Parallel Computation Unlimited
  • Implicitly Parallel Programming in pH: Functions and Types Unlimited
  • A ג – calculus: A Basis for Functional Languages Unlimited
  • A ג – calculus with Constants and Let – blocks Unlimited
  • A ג – calculus with Let – blocks (continued) Unlimited
  • The Hindley-Milner Type System Unlimited
  • The Hindley-Milner Type System (Continued) Unlimited
  • Lists and Algebraic Types Unlimited
  • Desugaring List Comprehensions and Pattern Matching Unlimited
  • Programming with Arrays Unlimited
  • I- Structures and Open Lists Unlimited
  • M- Structures: Programming with State and Nondeterminism Unlimited
  • M- Structures Continued Unlimited
  • λS: A Lambda Calculus with Side – effects Unlimited
  • Using Monads for Input and Output Unlimited
  • Using Monads to Structure Computation Unlimited
  • Bluespec – 1: A language for hardware design, simulation and synthesis Unlimited
  • Bluespec – 2: Bluespec Compilation Model & Introduction to programming Unlimited
  • Bluespec – 3: The IP Lookup Problem Unlimited
  • Bluespec – 4: Modules and Type Classes Unlimited
  • Bluespec – 5: Programming Examples Unlimited
  • Term Rewriting Systems Unlimited
  • The Confluence of the ג – calculus Unlimited

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