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December 7, 2022


Unlimited Duration


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


This course is an introduction to music recording and audio production from both a practical and a theoretical perspective.

Learn about the physical nature and human perception of sound, how it is transformed to and from electrical signals by means of microphones and loudspeakers, and how it can be creatively modeled through mixing consoles, signal processors, and digital audio workstations. The course covers making informed choices about microphone selection and positioning, and various editing, mixing, and mastering techniques.

Course Curriculum

  • The art of sound recording Unlimited
  • Physics of sound Unlimited
  • Microphones Unlimited
  • Perception of sound Unlimited
  • Workshop: MOSS intro and mic handling Unlimited
  • Basic sound editing techniques Unlimited
  • Workshop: Cables, preamps, patchbays Unlimited
  • Filters and EQs Unlimited
  • Stereo recording techniques Unlimited
  • Dynamics and compression Unlimited
  • Workshop: Stereo recording practice Unlimited
  • Workshop: Headphone monitoring Unlimited
  • Digital audio Unlimited
  • Mixing consoles Unlimited
  • Student presentations: Recording session plans Unlimited
  • Mixing strategies Unlimited
  • Recording session 1 (classical piano solo) Unlimited
  • Room acoustics and reverberation Unlimited
  • Recording session 2 (R&B group: Love and a Sandwich) Unlimited
  • Recording session 3 (progressive metal group: Psience Phiction) Unlimited
  • Review, preview Unlimited
  • Sound quality and critical listening Unlimited
  • Recording session 4 (classical piano trio — violin, cello, piano) Unlimited
  • Recording session 5 (classical violin & piano duet) Unlimited
  • Mastering techniques Unlimited
  • Workshop: Command-line sound editing Unlimited
  • Guest speaker: Al Kooper Unlimited
  • Workshop: 5.1 surround sound Unlimited

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