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Night time construction is a necessity in the industry for reasons of cooler temperatures and less traffic and congestion. Increase in productivity due to worker comfort in cooler temperatures.

Overview/Description The ability to work more efficiently comes when the heat and daytime activity won’t slow down the process. Working at night has several benefits, and there are a number of factors to consider for the safety of your crew, your customers and the general public. You should always think of safety first, and develop a thorough training program for your crew. Know the best equipment for night work, and have a night time construction work plan that puts it all into perspective. You’ll be rewarded with a well-organized construction site that gives you superior results.


The obvious benefit of less activity is the most common advantage of planning night time construction, but you will likely enjoy various other advantages related to your construction project. TRAFFIC-RELATED ADVANTAGES:
  • Low impact on traffic and delaying motorists
  • Reduced risk of traffic accidents
  • More flexibility in the work zone to safely layout your project with less traffic interference
  • Workers not exposed to as many automotive emissions
  • Less fuel burned and less pollution created from idling vehicles waiting to get through the construction zone
night construction traffic CONSTRUCTION-RELATED ADVANTAGES:
  • Cooler temperatures are more favorable for concrete setting
  • Increase in productivity due to worker comfort in cooler temperatures
  • More lanes can be closed at night to allow for work activities
  • Less intrusive to area businesses that would be negatively affected by the construction happening during their business hours
  • Lower costs to set up and run a night time operation compared to a day time project
Doing construction during the off-peak hours gives you the opportunity to lower your costs and plan for favorable results. You can coordinate your project to overcome the challenges that night time construction holds and avoid or reduce the many risks that have been associated with construction work at night. Develop a plan that addresses all the issues to be on top of your project and reap the benefits of a job well done. The main nuisances of night time construction are improper lighting, excessive noise and vibration, exposure to dust, and safety matters. Do your best to deal with all these factors before you start the job and you’ll be in an ideal position to reduce your costs and enjoy the best results. Course Content
  • Highway 125 Night Work
  • Hwy 125 Night Work
  • Night Work Specification
  • Nighttime Work Plan
  • Night Work Training
  • Lighting Levels
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Management - Success

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