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The subject introduces the principles of ocean surface waves and their interactions with ships, offshore platforms and advanced marine vehicles.

Surface wave theory is developed for linear and nonlinear deterministic and random waves excited by the environment, ships, or floating structures.

Following the development of the physics and mathematics of surface waves, several applications from the field of naval architecture and offshore engineering are addressed. They include the ship Kelvin wave pattern and wave resistance, the interaction of surface waves with floating bodies, the seakeeping of ships high-speed vessels and offshore platforms, the evaluation of the drift forces and other nonlinear wave effects responsible for the slow-drift responses of compliant offshore platforms and their mooring systems designed for hydrocarbon recovery from large water depths.

This course was originally offered in Course 13 (Department of Ocean Engineering) as 13.022. In 2005, ocean engineering subjects became part of Course 2 (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and this course was renumbered 2.24.

Course Curriculum

  • Conservation Laws And Boundary Conditions Unlimited
  • Linear and Second-Order Wave Theory Unlimited
  • Plane Progressive Regular Waves Unlimited
  • Wave Energy Density and Flux Unlimited
  • Wave Momentum Flux Unlimited
  • Wavemaker Theory Unlimited
  • Translating Coordinate Systems Unlimited
  • Ship Kelvin Wake Unlimited
  • Linear Wave-Body Interaction Unlimited
  • Added-Mass, Damping Coefficients And Exciting Forces Unlimited
  • Long Wavelength Approximations Unlimited
  • Wave Scattering By A Vertical Circular Cylinder Unlimited
  • Forward-Speed Ship Wave Flows Unlimited
  • Strip Theory Of Ship Motions. Heave & Pitch Unlimited
  • Ship Roll-Sway-Yaw Motions Unlimited
  • Derivative Seakeeping Quantities Unlimited
  • Seakeeping In Random Waves Unlimited
  • Solution of Wave-Body Flows, Green’s Theorem Unlimited
  • Rankine Intergral Equations For Ship Flows Unlimited
  • Panel Methods Unlimited
  • Wave Drift Forces Unlimited
  • Second-Order Wave Theory Unlimited
  • Second-Order Wave Effect On Offshore Platforms Unlimited

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