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October 5, 2022


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This course provides an introduction to optical science with elementary engineering applications

Topics covered in geometrical optics include: ray-tracing, aberrations, lens design, apertures and stops, radiometry and photometry. Topics covered in wave optics include: basic electrodynamics, polarization, interference, wave-guiding, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, image formation, resolution, space-bandwidth product. Analytical and numerical tools used in optical design are emphasized. Graduate students are required to complete assignments with stronger analytical content, and an advanced design project

Course Curriculum

  • Course Organization; Introduction to Optic Unlimited
  • Reflection and Refraction; Prisms; Waveguides; and Dipersion Unlimited
  • Focusing, Imaging, and the Paraxial Approximation Unlimited
  • Singh Conventions; Thin Lenses; Real and Virtual Images Unlimited
  • Thick Lenses; The Composite Lenses; The Eye Unlimited
  • Term; apertures, stops, pupils, and window; Single-lens Camera Unlimited
  • Basics of mirrors, magnifiers, and microscopes Unlimited
  • Telescopes; aberrations: chromatic, spherical, and coma Unlimited
  • More Aberrations; optical Design; Gradient Index (GRIN) Unlimited
  • The Hamiltonian Formulation; Introduction To Waves Unlimited
  • The Wave Equations; Phasor Representation; 3D Waves Unlimited
  • 3D Phenomena; Introduction to Electromagnetics Unlimited
  • Maxwell’s Equations; Polarization; Poynting’s Vector Unlimited
  • Huygens Principles; Interferometers; Fresnel Diffrection Unlimited
  • Gratings; Amplitude and Phase, Sinusoidal and Binary Unlimited
  • Fraunhofer Diffraction; Fourier Transform and Theorems Unlimited
  • Spatial Filtering; Lens Transfer; Functions & Transform Unlimited
  • The 4f System; Binary Amplitude & Pupil Masks Unlimited
  • Shift Invariance; Pupil Engineering; The Talbot Effect Unlimited
  • Coherent and Incoherent Imaging Unlimited
  • Imaging With a Single Lens Unlimited
  • Resolution; Desfused optical systems Unlimited
  • Depth of Focus and field; polarization; Wave plates Unlimited

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