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Chemistry 51C: Organic Chemistry (Spring 2012, UC Irvine). Instructor: Professor James S. Nowick.

These videos cover the third academic quarter of a three-quarter undergraduate-level class "Organic Chemistry" taught at UC Irvine. This third-quarter class, Chem 51C, builds upon the previous two quarters, Chem 51A and Chem 51B, and focuses on the chemistry of carbonyl compounds. Topics covered include aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, acid chlorides, anhydrides, amides, nitriles, enolates, organometallic reagents, the aldol reaction, amines, carbohydrates, amino acids, and peptides.

Course Curriculum

  • Lecture 01 – Introduction to Carboxylic Acids Unlimited
  • Lecture 02 – Reactivity of Carbonyl Compounds Unlimited
  • Lecture 03 – Reactions of Organometallic Reagents Unlimited
  • Lecture 04 – Reactions and Protecting Groups Unlimited
  • Lecture 05 – Aldehydes and Ketones: Reactions Unlimited
  • Lecture 06 – Formation of Imines and Enamines from Aldehydes and Ketones Unlimited
  • Lecture 07 – Acid-Catalyzed Formation of Hydrates, Hemiacetals, and Acetals Unlimited
  • Lecture 08 – The Chemistry of the Carboxylic Acid Family Unlimited
  • Lecture 09 – Reactions of Carboxylic Acids, Esters, Amides, and Nitriles Unlimited
  • Lecture 10 – Enols and Enolates Unlimited
  • Lecture 11 – More Reactions of Enols and Enolates Unlimited
  • Lecture 12 – The Aldol Reaction and the Michael Reaction Unlimited
  • Lecture 13 – The Robinson Annulation and the Claisen Reaction Unlimited
  • Lecture 14 – Introduction to Amines: Properties and Synthesis Unlimited
  • Lecture 15 – Hofmann Degradation, Diazotization, and Aryl Diazonium Salts Unlimited
  • Lecture 16 – Introduction to Carbohydrates: Structure and Stereochemistry Unlimited
  • Lecture 17 – More Structure, Stereochemistry, and Reactions of Carbohydrates Unlimited
  • Lecture 18 – Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins Unlimited
  • Lecture 19 – Organometallic Reactions in Organic Synthesis Unlimited

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