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May 1, 2022


1 year

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This PG qualification helps professionals in Accounting, Finance Managers, Bankers & Investment Professionals and Management Students to acquire effective Finance and Risk Management knowledge which is essential to the leading organizations. This qualification can serve as a supplement to other finance related academic or professional qualifications and would suit the learning requirements of those aspiring to gain an in depth understanding of the finance domain. Successful learners gain an edge over the peer group in the industry and this course would be highly demanding especially in UAE, Dubai is considered as the leading financial hub in this region.

Course Curriculum

    • Financial Accounting- 2 ECTS 7 days
    • Corporate Governance, Business ethics and CSR- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Financial Management- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Managerial Economics- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Principle of Management- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Business Value Chain and Operating models- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Process Mapping, Enhancement and Value Stream Mapping- 4 ECTS 4 weeks
    • Concepts of Enterprise Risk Management- 4 ECTS 3 weeks
    • Organizational Behavior- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Strategic Thinking- 2 ECTS 1 week, 3 days
    • Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (‘ICFR’ or ‘Sarbanes Oxley’ or Internal Financial Controls)- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Applied Cyber Security- 1 ECTS 7 days
    • IT General Controls- 1 ECTS 7 days
    • Fundamentals of HRM- 2 ECTS 7 days
    • Market, Credit & Operational Risk- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Regulatory & Compliance Risks- 2 ECTS 2 weeks
    • Internship- 4 ECTS 2 months

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