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December 17, 2022


Unlimited Duration


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


8.01L is an introductory mechanics course, which covers all the topics covered in 8.01T. The class meets throughout the fall, and continues throughout the Independent Activities Period (IAP).

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Unlimited
  • Force as a Vector, Static Equilibrium, Addition and Subtraction of Vectors Unlimited
  • Example Problems Unlimited
  • Free-body Diagrams and Example Problems, More Discussion of Specific Types of Vectors Unlimited
  • Kinematics: Describing 1D Motion, Relative Velocity Unlimited
  • Example Problems: Kinematics and Velocity Unlimited
  • Kinematics: 2D Motion, Circular Motion Unlimited
  • Newton’s Three Laws Unlimited
  • Example Problems: Newton’s Laws Unlimited
  • Friction Unlimited
  • Springs Unlimited
  • Circular Motion with Gravity Unlimited
  • Conclusion of F=ma, Start of Work/Energy Unlimited
  • Exam Review, Work/Energy, Potential Energy Unlimited
  • Potential Energy Unlimited
  • Potential Energy Diagrams, Potential Energy of Springs Unlimited
  • Conservation of Momentum Unlimited
  • Momentum, Combining Momentum and Energy Unlimited
  • 2D Collisions Unlimited
  • Power, Impulse, Center of Mass Unlimited
  • Simple Harmonic Motion Unlimited
  • More on Simple Harmonic Motion, Introduction to More Accurate Gravity Formula Unlimited
  • More on Gravity Unlimited
  • Example Problems: Energy and Gravity Unlimited
  • Properties of Fluids Unlimited
  • Introduction to Angular Motion Unlimited
  • Statics and Dynamics of Angular Motion Unlimited
  • Everything you need to know about the Dynamics of Rotation Unlimited
  • Pendulums and Kinetic Energy of Rotation Unlimited
  • Energy and Momentum of Rotation Unlimited
  • More about Momentum of Rotation Unlimited
  • More about Momentum of Rotation (cont.) Unlimited
  • Conclusion of Angular Momentum Unlimited
  • Final Exam Review Unlimited

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