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December 17, 2022


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Course 8.022 is one of several second-term freshman physics courses offered at MIT.

It is geared towards students who are looking for a thorough and challenging introduction to electricity and magnetism. Topics covered include: Electric and magnetic field and potential; introduction to special relativity; Maxwell’s equations, in both differential and integral form; and properties of dielectrics and magnetic materials. In addition to the theoretical subject matter, several experiments in electricity and magnetism are performed by the students in the laboratory.


Prof. Sciolla would like to acknowledge the contributions of MIT Professors Scott Hughes and Peter Fisher to the development of this course. She would also like to acknowledge that these course materials include contributions from past instructors, textbooks, and other members of the MIT Physics Department affiliated with course 8.022. Since the following works have evolved over a period of many years, no single source can be attributed.

Course Curriculum

  • Coulomb’s Law, Superposition Unlimited
  • Electric Field, Electric Flux, Gauss’s Law Unlimited
  • Energy Density of the Field Electric Potential Unlimited
  • Poisson and Laplace Equations Curl Unlimited
  • Fields and Potentials around Conductors Capacitance Unlimited
  • More on Capacitance Unlimited
  • Current, Continuity Equation Resistance, Ohm’s Law Unlimited
  • EMF, Circuits Kirchhoff’s Rules Unlimited
  • Variable Currents, RC Circuits Thévenin Equivalence Unlimited
  • Magnetic Force, Magnetic Field Ampere’s Law Unlimited
  • Special Relativity I: Spacetime Unlimited
  • Special Relativity II: Forces and Fields Equivalence of Electric and Magnetic Fields Unlimited
  • Ampere’s Law Revisited Vector Potential, Biot-Savart Law Unlimited
  • Faraday’s Law, Lenz’s Law Unlimited
  • Mutual and Self Inductance Magnetic Field Energy Unlimited
  • RL Circuits Undriven RLC Circuits Unlimited
  • Driven AC Circuits: Phasors, Impedance Power and Energy Unlimited
  • AC Circuits (Conclusion) Filters Unlimited
  • Displacement Current, Maxwell’s Equations Unlimited
  • Wave Equation Unlimited
  • Radiation (cont.) Unlimited
  • Poynting Vector: Energy, Power and Momentum of Radiation, Magnetic Properties of Materials Unlimited

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