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November 29, 2022


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This course presents the mechanical, optical, and transport properties of polymers with respect to the underlying physics and physical chemistry of polymers in melt, solution, and solid state.

Topics include conformation and molecular dimensions of polymer chains in solutions, melts, blends, and block copolymers; an examination of the structure of glassy, crystalline, and rubbery elastic states of polymers; thermodynamics of polymer solutions, blends, crystallization; liquid crystallinity, microphase separation, and self-assembled organic-inorganic nanocomposites. Case studies include relationships between structure and function in technologically important polymeric systems

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction; hard vs. soft solids; polymerization Unlimited
  • Chains; thermodynamics of polymer solutions Unlimited
  • Thermodynamics (cont.) Unlimited
  • Polymer blends; viscosity; osmometry Unlimited
  • Osmometry (cont.); SEC (size exclusion chromatography) and GPC (gel permeation chromatography) Unlimited
  • Scattering; Zimm plots Unlimited
  • Glass transition temperature Tg Unlimited
  • Diffusion of polymers; reptation; elasticity Unlimited
  • Gels; Flory-Rehner theory Unlimited
  • Self organization Unlimited
  • Intermaterial dividing surface (IMDS); polymer-based photonics Unlimited
  • Photonic crystals Unlimited
  • Influence of chain architecture on microdomain characteristics Unlimited
  • Block copolymer-homopolymer blends Unlimited
  • Hierarchically ordered BCP-nanoparticle composites Unlimited
  • Top down meets bottom up Unlimited
  • Chain folding; polyethylene and nylon; spherulites Unlimited
  • Mechanical properties; crazing; microframes and millitrusses Unlimited
  • Mechanical properties (cont.) Unlimited
  • Single wall and multi-wall nanotubes (SWNT, MWNT) Unlimited
  • Electronic polymers Unlimited
  • Polymer conductives; polypyrrole chains; optical interactions Unlimited

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology