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December 30, 2022


Unlimited Duration


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


The course purpose is to provide the substance and skill necessary to make sound business decisions relating to information systems and to work with senior line managers in the resolution of issues and problems in this area.

Categories of issues which will be addressed in the course include:

  • How do IT and its various manifestations in business, such as the Internet, affect current and future COMPETITIVENESS? How do we align business strategy and plans with IT strategy and IT plans?
  • How can we ENGAGE executives in learning and leading IT-related change?
  • How do we IMPLEMENT new systems, CHANGE work behavior, MANAGE projects?
  • How should we ORGANIZE and GOVERN IT in an organization?

Course Curriculum

    • Lecture and Discussion: Course Importance, Topics, Logistics Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: Administrative Data Project (A) Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: Administrative Data Project (B and C) Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: AIRNow Presentation, Visitor: Jane Linder Unlimited
    • Case: PharmaCo Presentation, Visitor: Ben Porter Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: First National City Bank Operating Group Unlimited
    • Continuation of First National City Bank Operating Group Discussion Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: Dow Corning Unlimited
    • Implementation Readings Review, Unlimited
    • RFID, Visitor: Prof. Brian Subirana Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: Care Group Unlimited
    • Case Discussion: Lifeline, Visitor: CIO Rich Reich Unlimited
    • Class Discussion of Student Projects Unlimited
    • Visitor: Arup Gupta, CEO, Tata Consultancy Services Unlimited
    • Special Assignment on Getting Business Value from IT Frameworks Unlimited
    • The MIT Process Handbook, Visitor: Prof. Tom Malone Unlimited
    • Web Services and Business Process Management, Visitor: Evan Mamas Unlimited
    • TYCO Readings, Visitor: CIO Dana Deasy Unlimited
    • ACE Case, US Customs Transformation Unlimited
    • Business Strategy Unlimited
    • Visitor: Omar Baig, IFC / World Bank Unlimited
    • Discussion / Debate: “Does IT Matter?” Unlimited

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology