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December 5, 2022


Unlimited Duration


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


This course introduces the design of feedback control systems as applied to a variety of air and spacecraft systems.

Topics include the properties and advantages of feedback systems, time-domain and frequency-domain performance measures, stability and degree of stability, the Root locus method, Nyquist criterion, frequency-domain design, and state space methods.

Course Curriculum

  • Why automatic control? Categorization of control systems Unlimited
  • Block diagrams, the effect of feedback Unlimited
  • Modeling principles Unlimited
  • Block diagram manipulations, Mason’ rule Unlimited
  • Dynamic response of closed-loop systems Unlimited
  • Time-domain specifications Unlimited
  • Effect of zeros Unlimited
  • The Routh criterion Unlimited
  • Effect of noise, steady-state errors Unlimited
  • PID control Unlimited
  • The root locus method Unlimited
  • Root locus rules Unlimited
  • Root locus rules, lead compensation Unlimited
  • Lag compensation Unlimited
  • Zero degree root locus Unlimited
  • Frequency response design Unlimited
  • Bode plot problems Unlimited
  • Bode plots (cont.) Unlimited
  • Complex poles and zeros, unstable poles, and non-minimum phase zeros Unlimited
  • The Nyquist stability criterion Unlimited
  • The Nyquist stability criterion (cont.) Unlimited
  • Nyquist with poles on imaginary axis Unlimited
  • Stability margins, Bode gain-phase theorem Unlimited
  • Bode compensation Unlimited
  • Lead compensation Unlimited
  • Lag compensation (cont.) Unlimited
  • NMP systems Unlimited
  • The Nichols chart Unlimited
  • Digital control, the z-transform Unlimited
  • The z‐transform, design by emulation, the Tustin transform Unlimited
  • Compensator design examples, time delay of ZOH Unlimited
  • Discrete design Unlimited
  • The w-transform Unlimited
  • Design examples, pre‐warping, direct design Unlimited
  • Higher harmonic control Unlimited

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