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September 26, 2022


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The central theme of this course is the interaction of radiation with biological material.

The course is intended to provide a broad understanding of how different types of radiation deposit energy, including the creation and behavior of secondary radiations; of how radiation affects cells and why the different types of radiation have very different biological effects. Topics will include: the effects of radiation on biological systems including DNA damage; in vitro cell survival models; and in vivo mammalian systems. The course covers radiation therapy, radiation syndromes in humans and carcinogenesis. Environmental radiation sources on earth and in space, and aspects of radiation protection are also discussed. Examples from the current literature will be used to supplement lecture material.

Course Curriculum

  • Radiation Interactions Unlimited
  • Radiation Interactions (cont.) Unlimited
  • Radiation Chemistry/LET/Tracks Unlimited
  • Effects on Chromosomes/DNA Unlimited
  • Dose Response in Vitro: Cell Survival Curves Unlimited
  • RBE/Clustered Damage Unlimited
  • Protons and Alphas of same LET Unlimited
  • Dose Response in Vivo Unlimited
  • Chemical Modification of Radiation Response Unlimited
  • Cell, Tissue and Tumor Kinetics Unlimited
  • Radiation Therapy: Tumor Radiobiology Unlimited
  • Radiation Therapy (contd.): Fractionation Unlimited
  • Acute Effects of Whole Body Exposure Unlimited
  • Late Effects: Chronic Exposure/Low Doses Unlimited
  • Radiation Protection/Background Radiation/Radon Unlimited
  • Alpha Particles/Bystander Effect Unlimited
  • Microbeams Unlimited
  • BNCT/Other Modalities Unlimited

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