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September 23, 2023


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Process Control and Instrumentation. Instructors: Prof. A. K. Jana and Prof. D. Sarkar, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Automatic Process Control is being used in almost all industry verticals today.

This introductory course covers basics of process control and the instrumentation used for it. The process control part begins with the introductory concepts, and mathematical modeling and its use for control purposes. Subsequently, the dynamic behavior of chemical processes will be discussed. This course goes deeper into the design of feedback controllers. A special emphasis will be placed on the controller tuning and stability analysis. Several advanced control systems will also be covered under the process control part. The instrumentation part will elaborate the valve characteristics along with the working principle, specifications, design and selection aspects of various measuring sensors. (from nptel.ac.in)

Course Curriculum

    • Lecture 01 – Introduction to Process Control Unlimited
    • Lecture 02 – Introduction to Process Control (cont.) Unlimited
    • Lecture 03 – Mathematical Modeling: CSTR System Unlimited
    • Lecture 04 – Mathematical Modeling: Distillation Column Unlimited
    • Lecture 05 – Mathematical Modeling: Liquid Hydraulics, Laplace Transform Unlimited
    • Lecture 06 – Linearization of Single Variable Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 07 – Linearization of Multivariable Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 08 – Transfer Functions Unlimited
    • Lecture 09 – Quantitative Analysis of Transfer Functions Unlimited
    • Lecture 10 – Dynamics of First Order Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 11 – Dynamics of First Order Systems (cont.), Dynamics of Second Order Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 12 – Dynamics of Second Order Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 13 – Dynamics of Second Order Systems (cont.) Unlimited
    • Lecture 14 – Dynamics of Higher Order Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 15 – Feedback Control Schemes: P-only Controller, PI Controller Unlimited
    • Lecture 16 – PI Controller (cont.), PID Controller, On-Off Controller Unlimited
    • Lecture 17 – Dynamic Behavior of Closed Loop Process, Effect of Proportional Controller Unlimited
    • Lecture 18 – Effect of Proportional Controller, P-only Control of an Integrating Process Unlimited
    • Lecture 19 – P Control of a Second Order Process, Effect of Integral Control Action Unlimited
    • Lecture 20 – Stability Analysis: Routh-Hurwitz Test Unlimited
    • Lecture 21 – Problem on Routh-Hurwitz Test, Root Locus Technique Unlimited
    • Lecture 22 – Tuning of Control Parameters, Cohen Coon Method Unlimited
    • Lecture 23 – Cohen Coon Technique, Frequency Response Analysis of Linear Processes Unlimited
    • Lecture 24 – Frequency Response Analysis (cont.), Bode Plot Unlimited
    • Lecture 25 – Bode Plot for First Order and Second Order Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 26 – Construction of Polar Plot (Nyquist Plot), Bode Stability Criteria Unlimited
    • Lecture 27 – Bode Stability Criteria (cont.), Gain Margin and Phase Margin Unlimited
    • Lecture 28 – Gain Margin and Phase Margin (cont.), Nyquist Stability Criteria Unlimited
    • Lecture 29 – Nyquist Stability Criteria (cont.), Ziegler-Nichols Tuning Method Unlimited
    • Lecture 30 – Advanced Control Schemes: Systems with Large Dead Time Unlimited
    • Lecture 31 – Inverse Response Compensator, Cascade Control Scheme Unlimited
    • Lecture 32 – Cascade Control Scheme, Closed Loop Behavior of Cascade Controller Unlimited
    • Lecture 33 – Override Control (Constraint Control), Split-Range Control, Feed Forward Control Unlimited
    • Lecture 34 – Design of Feed Forward Control Schemes, Radio Control Unlimited
    • Lecture 35 – Instrumentation: General Principles of Measurement Systems Unlimited
    • Lecture 36 – Fundamental Elements of an Instrumentation, Classification of Instruments Unlimited
    • Lecture 37 – Input Output Configuration of Instruments, Performance Characteristics of Instruments Unlimited
    • Lecture 38 – Static/Dynamic Characteristics of Instruments, Generalized Model of Instruments Unlimited
    • Lecture 39 – Error Analysis: Types of Error in Measurements Unlimited
    • Lecture 40 – Uncertainty in Measurements, Transducers: Flapper/Nozzle System Unlimited
    • Lecture 41 – Transducers: Linear Variable Differential Transformer, Strain Gauge Unlimited
    • Lecture 42 – Pressure Measurement Unlimited
    • Lecture 43 – Elastic Pressure Transducers, High Vacuum Measurement Unlimited
    • Lecture 44 – High Vacuum Measurement Unlimited

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