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December 10, 2022


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This course explores the proper role of government in the regulation of the environment.

It will help students develop the tools to estimate the costs and benefits of environmental regulations. These tools will be used to evaluate a series of current policy questions, including: Should air and water pollution regulations be tightened or loosened? What are the costs of climate change in the U.S. and abroad? Is there a “Race to the Bottom” in environmental regulation? What is “sustainable development”? How do environmental problems differ in developing countries? Are we running out of oil and other natural resources? Should we be more energy efficient? To gain real world experience, the course is scheduled to include a visit to the MIT cogeneration plant. We will also do an in-class simulation of an air pollution emissions market.

Course Curriculum

  • Efficiency and markets Unlimited
  • Cost-benefit analysis and public goods Unlimited
  • Regulation and Pigouvian taxes Unlimited
  • Coase and cap-and-trade Unlimited
  • Pigouvian taxes Unlimited
  • Topics in cap-and-trade Unlimited
  • Risk, uncertainty, and liability Unlimited
  • International competition Unlimited
  • Environmental Kuznets curves Unlimited
  • The Porter hypothesis Unlimited
  • Regulation in developing economies Unlimited
  • Valuation and hedonics Unlimited
  • Household production and discrete choice Unlimited
  • Natural resource economics Unlimited
  • Natural resource economics II Unlimited
  • Climate change policy Unlimited
  • South pole carbon asset management Unlimited
  • OPOWER Unlimited

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