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This course is intended for first year graduate students and advanced undergraduates with an interest in design of ships or offshore structures.

It requires a sufficient background in structural mechanics. Computer applications are utilized, with emphasis on the theory underlying the analysis. Hydrostatic loading, shear load and bending moment, and resulting primary hull primary stresses will be developed. Topics will include; ship structural design concepts, effect of superstructures and dissimilar materials on primary strength, transverse shear stresses in the hull girder, and torsional strength among others. Failure mechanisms and design limit states will be developed for plate bending, column and panel buckling, panel ultimate strength, and plastic analysis. Matrix stiffness, grillage, and finite element analysis will be introduced. Design of a ship structure will be analyzed by “hand” with desktop computer tools and a final design project using current applications for structural design of a section will be accomplished.

This course was originally offered in Course 13 (Department of Ocean Engineering) as 13.122. In 2005, ocean engineering subjects became part of Course 2 (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and this course was renumbered 2.082.

Course Curriculum

    • Lecture 1: Shear and Bending Unlimited
    • Lecture 2: Balance Unlimited
    • Lecture 3: Bending Without Twist Unlimited
    • Lecture 4: Pure Twist Open Section Unlimited
    • Lecture 5: Pure Twist Closed Section Unlimited
    • Lecture 6: Pure and Warping Torsion Unlimited
    • Lecture 7: Calculation Of Section Properties – Open Unlimited
    • Lecture 7a: Calculation of Section Properties Closed Unlimited
    • Lecture 8: Shear Center – Closed Section Unlimited
    • Lecture 8a: Shear Stress Multicell Section Unlimited
    • Lecture 8b: St. Venant Torsion Multi-cell Unlimited
    • Lecture 9a: Composite Sections Unlimited
    • Lecture 9b: Shear Lag Unlimited
    • Lecture 9c: Yield Criteria Unlimited
    • Design Philosophy and Approach Unlimited
    • Loads and Design Approach continued Unlimited
    • Plate Bending Introduction Unlimited
    • Plate Bending Unlimited
    • Plate Bending Solution Unlimited
    • Panel, Girder and Frame Limit States Unlimited
    • Buckling Unlimited
    • Plate Buckling Unlimited
    • Buckling of Stiffened Panels Unlimited
    • Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels Unlimited
    • Intro to Matrix Analysis Unlimited
    • Matrix Analysis continued Unlimited
    • Pin-jointed Beam Example Unlimited
    • Flexure Only Beam – General Method Unlimited
    • Grillage Introduction Degrees of Freedom Unlimited

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