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September 25, 2023


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Software Engineering for Web Applications (ArsDigita University). Instructor: Philip Greenspun.

This course Teaches the basics of designing a dynamic website with a database back end, including scripting languages, cookies, SQL, and HTML with the goal of building such a site as the main (group) project Emphasizes computer-human interface and the graphical display of information. Crucial to the project is the identification of a client with whom the group must work with throughout the month, designing specifications, implementing them, reviewing and evaluating, and testing. This is a real-life client who intends to host the site for the purposes of building a community. (from ADUni.org)

Course Curriculum

  • Lecture 01 – Introduction to Internet Applications, Online Communities Unlimited
  • Lecture 01b – TCP and HTTP, Web Session State, Databases, … Unlimited
  • Lecture 02 – J2EE and Microsoft .NET, Planning Internet Applications and Online Communities Unlimited
  • Lecture 03 – Big Thoughts about the Internet and Online Communities Unlimited
  • Lecture 04 – Web Usability and Interface Best Practices Unlimited
  • Lecture 05 – Student User Data Model and Login/Registration Code Review Unlimited
  • Lecture 06 – Sample Data Model for Diet Tracking, Database Structure, Site Modules Unlimited
  • Lecture 07 – Student Project Status Presentation and Code Reviews Unlimited
  • Lecture 08 – Implementing Threaded Discussion Forums Unlimited
  • Lecture 09 – Database Normal Form, Oracle Transaction Issues, Oracle Under the Hood Unlimited
  • Lecture 10 – Voice XML Unlimited
  • Lecture 11 – Distributed Computing with Web Services, SOAP Unlimited
  • Lecture 12 – Final Student Project Presentation, Future of Databases Unlimited

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