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September 26, 2023


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An Ode to ODEs. Instructor: Peter Dourmashkin. This video leads students through modeling the regular, non-linear pendulum with a differential equation.

We explore why solutions to a differential equation are an infinite family of functions. We show that to determine a specific solution to this second order differential equation, two initial conditions must be specified. Proof of the need for two initial conditions is shown via use of the Taylor Series. (from ocw.mit.edu)

Course Curriculum

  • An Ode to ODEs Unlimited
  • Basic Programming Techniques Unlimited
  • Buffers Unlimited
  • Chirality Unlimited
  • Conditional Probability Unlimited
  • Conservation of Mass Unlimited
  • Contaminant Fate Modeling Unlimited
  • Diffusion and Fick’s Law Unlimited
  • Dimensional Analysis Unlimited
  • Electric Potential Unlimited
  • Entropy Unlimited
  • Enzyme Kinetics Unlimited
  • Equilibrium vs. Steady State Unlimited
  • Free Body Diagrams Unlimited
  • Feedback Loops Unlimited
  • Flux and Gauss’ Law Unlimited
  • Gear Trains Unlimited
  • Genetics and Statistics Unlimited
  • Gradient Unlimited
  • Gravity Unlimited
  • Kinetic Theory Unlimited
  • Kinetics and Equilibrium Unlimited
  • Latent Heat Unlimited
  • Linear Approximations Unlimited
  • Models of Light Unlimited
  • Moments of Distributions Unlimited
  • Motion Unlimited
  • Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Unlimited
  • Problem Solving Process Unlimited
  • Radio Receivers Unlimited
  • Rigid Body Kinematics Unlimited
  • Rotating Frames of Reference Unlimited
  • Stability Analysis Unlimited
  • Strategic Communication Unlimited
  • The Art of Approximation Unlimited
  • Torque Unlimited
  • Unit Analysis Unlimited
  • Vector Fields Unlimited
  • Vectors Unlimited
  • VSEPR (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion) Unlimited
  • What is Temperature? Unlimited

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