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April 8, 2022


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Falls are the number one cause of construction-worker fatalities, accounting for one-third of all on-the-job deaths in the industry. In 2017, there were 366 fall fatalities out of 971 total fatalities in construction (BLS data). Falls are a hazard found in many work settings, but construction has the most fatal falls out of all industries and represents 51% of all falls nationally.

Safety Pays, Falls Cost

Construction falls can be deadly, but they are also preventable. The best in the business play it safe. Companies can prevent falls from heights on their worksites.
  • Plan ahead to do the job safely before starting each and every job.
  • Provide the right equipment for working at heights.
  • Train workers to use the equipment properly and to work safely on roofs, ladders, and scaffolds.

Course Curriculum

    • Roles and responsibilities 00:40:00
    • Planning a safe approach to working at height 00:20:00
    • Managing hazards 00:40:00
    • Equipment 00:40:00
    • Fall prevention in residential construction 00:20:00
    • Fall prevention checklist 00:40:00
    • Ladders 03:00:00
    • Best practice ladder usage 05:00:00
    • Scaffolds 03:00:00
    • Best practice scaffold usage 05:00:00
    • Roofs 03:00:00
    • Best practice working on roofs 05:00:00
    • Penetrations 03:00:00
    • Best practice penetration prevention 03:00:00
    • Glossary 02:00:00

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