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September 21, 2023


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4 weeks


Stress is one growing problems and source os stress can be anything but most of the stress causes are related to work, personal grudge, jealousy or many other reasons. This training program is designed to manage stress and any environment. Stress is the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it and can be external or internal and may affect a person physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

Stress Management in the Workplace training program delivers trademarked stress management tools that are unmatched in the measured results they will produce for you and your organization. Stress management in the workplace requires more than helpful tips. Changing economic times have us pulled in multiple directions. The pressures and demands between work and personal life are blurred. As a result, the consequences of stress in the workplace come from what is happening to each of us both on and off the job. Through highly interactive learning, participants apply these stress management training tools to get more of what’s important to them done in less time. The course will enable participants to consider the management of workplace stress at an individual and organisational level and will help participants develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and manage stress at work. There will be lots of opportunities to relate the content to the participants’ own work environment, and to consider a range of practical stress management techniques that can help team members whilst executing management health and safety responsibilities. Course Objectives By the end of this one-day training course, the participants will have:
  • Identified the costs and benefits of dealing with stress
  • Defined what stress is and started to recognise the signs of stress
  • Tried out some personal stress management strategies and techniques
  • Recognised the legal obligation of the employer to reduce work-related stress
  • Reviewed the main work areas that can lead to stress and identified ways to address work-related stress throughout the organisation
  • Considered the critical role and skills of an effective manager of stress and drawn up their own action plan to address the most prominent issues in managing stress in the workplace
Who should do this course?
  • Office Staff
  • Teachers
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Bankers
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Corporate Sectors
  • Hospitals Admin Staff
  • Engineers and Doctors
  • Construction Industry
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Facilities Management Staff
  • Building Management Saff
  • Real Estate Officer
  • Front House Staff
Everyone is recommended in an organisation to finish this training and learn to prevent stress and aggression at work. Most of the organisations raise questions related to work-related stress and how the interviewee will tackle. Apply today and gain the skills to manage the stress.

Course Curriculum

    • SM- Introduction 00:10:00
    • SM – How do you response to stress 00:10:00
    • SM – Common symptoms of stress 00:20:00
    • SM- Two types of stress 00:30:00
    • SM- Is there a balance 00:20:00
    • SM- Tips for stress 01:00:00
    • SM – De stress 00:20:00
    • SM- Putting things into perspective 00:10:00
    • SM – Effects of long term stress 00:15:00
    • SM- What can I do 00:20:00
    • SM- Preventing stress 00:40:00
    • SM – Power Panther Professionals School Wide 00:20:00
    • Employee Story 00:40:00
    • Activity Stress Management 01:00:00
    • Stress case study – NHS Hospital Trust 00:40:00
    • Verbal violence at workplace- A reality from Pakistani context 03:00:00
    • SM Quiz 00:30:00

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