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September 14, 2022


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Studies synthesis of polymeric materials, emphasizing interrelationships of chemical pathways, process conditions, and microarchitecture of molecules produced.

Chemical pathways include traditional approaches such as anionic polymerization, radical condensation, and ring-opening polymerizations. Other techniques are discussed, including stable free radical polymerizations and atom transfer free radical polymerizations (ARTP), catalytic approaches to well-defined architectures, and polymer functionalization in bulk and at surfaces. Process conditions include bulk, solution, emulsion, suspension, gas phase, and batch vs. continuous fluidized bed. Microarchitecture includes tacticity, molecular-weight distribution, sequence distributions in copolymers, errors in chains such as branches, head-to-head addition, and peroxide incorporation.


The instructor would like to thank Karen Shu and Karen Daniel for their work in preparing material for this course site.

Course Curriculum

  • Course Overview Unlimited
    • Molecular Weight (MW) Control Unlimited
    • Step Growth Polymerization Unlimited
    • Common Processing Approaches Unlimited
    • Interfacial Polymerizations Unlimited
    • Other Polymers of Interest Obtained by Step-Growth Unlimited
    • Crosslinking and Branching Unlimited
    • Network Formation Unlimited
    • Step-by-Step Approaches I: Polypeptide Synthesis: Examples from Biology Unlimited
    • Introduction to Radical Polymerization Unlimited
    • Radical Polymerization Unlimited
    • Free Radical Kinetic Chain Length Unlimited
    • Thermodynamics of Free Radical Polymerizations Unlimited
    • Processing Approaches: Emulsion Polymerization Processes Unlimited
    • Processing Approaches: Suspension (Bead) Polymerization Processes Unlimited
    • Ziegler-Natta Catalysis Unlimited
    • Stereoregular Polymerizations Unlimited
    • Radical Copolymerization: Alternating to Block Copolymers Unlimited
    • Metallocene Chemistry Unlimited
    • Introduction to Anionic Polymerization Unlimited
    • Living Anionic Polymerization Unlimited
    • Anionic Block Copolymerization Unlimited
    • Anionic Ring Opening Polymerization Unlimited
    • Introduction to Cationic Polymerization Unlimited
    • “Living” Cationic Polymerizations Unlimited
    • Anionic Ring Opening Polymerization Unlimited
    • Polysiloxanes, Lactams, etc. Unlimited
    • Introduction to Polymer Functionalization: Motivations, Yield, Crystallinity, Solubility Issues Unlimited
    • Functionalization Case Studies: Biomaterials Systems, Liquid Crystal (LC) Polymers Unlimited
    • Surface Functionalization of Polymers, Graft Copolymerization Unlimited
    • “Living” Free Radical Approaches: Stable Free Radical Polymerization Unlimited
    • ATRP Unlimited
    • ROMP Unlimited
    • Inorganic Polymer Synthesis Unlimited
    • Macromolecular Systems Via Secondary Bonding: Use of H-bonding and Ionic Charge to Build Structures Unlimited

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