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April 16, 2022


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This course, The environmental impact of teaching and learning, discusses the impact on the environment of carbon based teaching and learning in Higher Education Institutions.

It introduces a suite of innovative tools and resources which have been designed to help assess and identify ways to reduce these impacts.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand an overview of the factors that should be included in an assessment of the carbon-based environmental impacts of higher education (HE) – these are the main sources of energy consumption and carbon emissions in HE
  • Understand the types of teaching models used in higher education, how ICTs are changing them and their likely carbon impacts
  • Understand the likely carbon impacts associated with your studies on a higher education course or module
  • Apply a Carbon Calculator tool designed to assess the impacts of your study-related activities
  • Identify possible ways to change study-related activities to reduce carbon impacts.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction 00:15:00
  • Learning outcomes 00:10:00
  • Course overview 00:20:00
    • Why is it important to have more sustainable higher education teaching systems? 00:07:00
    • Approaches undertaken by HE institutions to reduce carbon emissions 00:30:00
    • Environmental impacts of teaching and learning activities 00:15:00
    • Summary 00:05:00
    • Exploring tools to assess the carbon-based environmental impacts associated with learning activities in higher education 00:40:00
    • Summary 00:10:00
    • Exploring tools to assess carbon-based environmental impacts of teaching and learning activities in higher education 00:15:00
    • Background to the SusTEACH Carbon Calculators 00:25:00
    • Exploring the SusTEACH Carbon Calculator for Students 00:30:00
    • Exploring the SusTEACH Carbon Calculator for Lecturers 00:20:00
    • Explore the tools further 00:15:00
    • Summary 00:15:00
    • Examination of the carbon impacts associated with different systems and models of providing higher education teaching and learning 00:30:00
    • New teaching models and how ICTs are changing higher education 00:30:00
    • Types of teaching models used in higher education and their environmental impacts 00:40:00
    • Exploration of tools to assess carbon-based environmental impacts of learning designs and teaching models in higher education 00:15:00
    • Exploring the online SusTEACH Planning Tool 00:40:00
    • Exploring the SusTEACH Modelling Tool 00:45:00
    • What next? 00:30:00
    • Conclusion 00:15:00

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