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September 26, 2023


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The Yale Seminar on Autism and Related Disorders is the United States' first undergraduate course of its kind.

The goal of this series is to make all of the lecture content and supporting materials available online for free for anyone who desires to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorders. For Yale undergraduates, the class consists of a weekly seminar on diagnosis and assessment, etiology and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with autism and related disorders of socialization.

Course Curriculum

  • 01. An Introduction to Autism Unlimited
  • 02. Autism Assessment Unlimited
  • 03. Communication in Autism Unlimited
  • 04. Treatments for Autism: Overview of Model Programs Unlimited
  • 05. Behavioral Assessment and Treatment in Autism Unlimited
  • 06. Autism in Infants and Young Children Unlimited
  • 07. Social Behavior and Brain Function in Autism Spectrum Disorder Unlimited
  • 08. Neuroimaging Unlimited
  • 10. Psychopharmacology Unlimited
  • 11. Changing Face of Autism: Adolescents & Adults Unlimited
  • 12. The Legal Rights of Children with Autism and Related Disorders Unlimited
  • 13. Parental Perspectives and Supporting Families Unlimited

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