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April 8, 2022


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A tower crane is a crane that has a boom or a jib mounted on a tower structure. For high risk work licensing purposes, a tower crane, if a jib crane, may be a horizontal or luffing jib type and the tower structure may be demountable or permanent, but does not include a self erecting tower crane.

The three general types of crane typically referred to as tower cranes used in most progressive countries are:
  • Luffing;
  • Hammerhead (including topless); and,
  • Self-erecting.
A self-erecting tower crane means a crane that is not disassembled into a tower element and a boom or jib element in the normal course of use, and where erecting and dismantling processes are an inherent part of the crane's function. A person who operates a tower crane or a self-erecting tower crane must hold the relevant high-risk work license to operate the crane.

Course Curriculum

    • Crane siting 00:30:00
    • Erecting a tower crane 02:30:00
    • Operating a tower crane 00:30:00
    • Tower crane access 01:30:00
    • Signs on tower cranes 00:30:00
    • Self-erecting tower cranes 01:30:00
    • Crane and sling training test 00:45:00

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