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November 24, 2022


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Transmedia narratives exist across multiple storytelling platforms, using the advantages of each to enhance the experience of the audience.

No matter which medium nor how many, the heart of any successful transmedia project is a good story. In this class we will spend time on the basics of solid storytelling in speculative fiction before we move on to how to translate those elements into various media. We will then explore how different presentations in different media can complement and enhance our storytelling. While we will read scholarly articles and discuss ideas about transmedia, this is primarily a class in making speculative fiction transmedia projects. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various mediums and consider how they complement each other, and how by using several different media we can give the audience a more complete, rewarding, and immersive experience.

Course Curriculum

  • What is Transmedia? Unlimited
  • Science Fictions–The Genre and the Media Unlimited
  • Building the World Unlimited
  • Building the Characters Unlimited
  • Building the Story Unlimited
  • What Makes it Speculative Fiction? Unlimited
  • Media Axis–Information Unlimited
  • Media Axis–Sensory Information & Iconography Unlimited
  • Media Axis–Arc of Story Unlimited
  • Engaging the Audience for Repeat / Expansion Involvement Unlimited
  • Hunger Games – Book / Film / Digital Expansion in Real Life Unlimited
  • Games and Immersive Experiences Unlimited
  • Fairy Tales, Folk Processes, and Fan Fic Unlimited

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