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October 18, 2022


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The main objective of this course is to give broad insight into the different facets of transportation systems, while providing a solid introduction to transportation demand and cost analyses.

As part of the core in the Master of Science in Transportation program, the course will not focus on a specific transportation mode but will use the various modes to apply the theoretical and analytical concepts presented in the lectures and readings.

Introduces transportation systems analysis, stressing demand and economic aspects. Covers the key principles governing transportation planning, investment, operations and maintenance. Introduces the microeconomic concepts central to transportation systems. Topics covered include economic theories of the firm, the consumer, and the market, demand models, discrete choice analysis, cost models and production functions, and pricing theory. Application to transportation systems include congestion pricing, technological change, resource allocation, market structure and regulation, revenue forecasting, public and private transportation finance, and project evaluation; covering urban passenger transportation, freight, aviation and intelligent transportation systems.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Overview of consumer theory Unlimited
    • Discrete choice analysis I Unlimited
    • Discrete choice analysis II Unlimited
    • Travel demand modeling Unlimited
    • Freight demand Unlimited
    • Organizational models Unlimited
    • Path choice models Unlimited
    • Theory of the firm Unlimited
    • Transportation costs Unlimited
    • Pricing of transportation services: theory and practice I Unlimited
    • Pricing of transportation services: theory and practice II Unlimited
    • Transportation revenue forecasting: theory and models Unlimited
    • Airline revenue management I: flight leg and network models Unlimited
    • Airline revenue management II: impact of fare simplification on revenue management (RM) models Unlimited
    • Project finance I Unlimited
    • Project finance II Unlimited
    • Project finance III Unlimited
    • Project evaluation and programming I Unlimited
    • Project evaluation and programming II Unlimited
    • Developing country urban mobility: the sustainable development imperative Unlimited
    • Intelligent transportation systems and the impact of traveler information Unlimited

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