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Part I of Dr. Starfield's update of her seminal books, Primary Care: Concept, Evaluation, and Policy and Primary Care: Balancing Health Needs, Services, and Technology, comprises 6 invited lectures plus an 11-lecture course that examines the meaning, practice, and effectiveness of primary care. Topics include disease, morbidity, primary care innovations, health equities and disparities, prevention, and specialist care.

Course Overview

Barbara Starfield, a physician and health services researcher, was a university distinguished professor and professor of health policy and paediatrics at Johns Hopkins University. She is internationally known for her work in primary care, and her books are widely recognized as the seminal works in the field. She was instrumental in leading projects to develop important methodological tools, including the Primary Care Assessment Tool, the CHIP tools (to assess adolescent and child health status), and the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACGs) for assessment of diagnosed morbidity burdens reflecting degrees of co-morbidity. She was the co-founder and first president of the International Society for Equity in Health, a scientific organization devoted to the dissemination of knowledge about the determinants of inequity in health and ways to eliminate them. Her work thus focuses on quality of care, health status assessment, primary care evaluation, and equity in health. She was a member of the Institute of Medicine and served on its governing council, and she was a member of the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics and many other government and professional committees and groups.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to Primary Care 00:40:00
    • Chapter 1: Benefits of Primary Care in Healthcare Reform – Sommer Memorial Lecture (Portland, Oregon, 2010) and Herbert Vaughan Lecture (Boston, Massachusetts, 2010) 02:00:00
    • Chapter 2: Diseases, Chronic Care, and Primary Care – Sommer Memorial Lecture (Portland, Oregon, 2010) 02:00:00
    • Chapter 3: Primary Care/Specialty Care in the Era of Multimorbidity – 19th WONCA World Conference of Family Doctors (Cancun, Mexico, 2010); ACG User Group (Tucson, Arizona, 2010); European Forum for Primary Care Keynote Address (Pisa, Italy, 2010) 02:00:00
    • Chapter 4: Population Health: New Paradigms and Implications for Health Statistics – National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (Washington, DC, 2002) 02:00:00
    • Chapter 5: Prevention, Public Health, and Equity – Sommer Memorial Lecture (Portland, Oregon, 2010) 02:00:00
    • Chapter 6: Structure, Process, and Outcome in Health System Improvement – Avedis Donabedian Award in Quality Improvement Session (Washington, DC, 2007) 02:00:00
    • Chapter 7: Defining Primary Care 02:00:00
    • Chapter 8: Diseases, Cormorbidity, and Multimorbidityin Primary Care 02:00:00
    • Chapter 9: Effectiveness of Primary Care 02:00:00
    • Chapter 11: Features of Primary Care: First Contact, Person-focused over Time, Comprehensiveness, and Coordination 02:00:00
    • Chapter 12: Primary Care & Prevention 02:00:00
    • Chapter 13: Primary Care & Public Health 02:00:00
    • Chapter 14: Primary Care & Specialty Care Issues 02:00:00
    • Chapter 15: Primary Care Assessment – The PCAT 02:00:00
    • Chapter 16: Primary Care: Enhancements & Innovations 02:00:00
    • Chapter 17: Quality of Care: Principles Applicable to Primary Care 02:00:00

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