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October 21, 2022


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The course explores the interactions between state and market as instigators of China’s urbanization, and its consequences of land, housing, transportation, energy, environment, migration, finance, urban inequality.

Themes include the de-synchronization of China’s urbanization, potential differences between China’s past and future development, and differentiators between China’s urbanization and those of other countries. This discussion-based course asks students to participate in the conversation with the course instructor and guest lecturers by drawing upon their experiences and academic or professional backgrounds.

Course Curriculum

    • Multiple Interpretations: Urbanization out of Sync Unlimited
    • Is China an Outlier? China’s Urbanization in the Historical and International Contexts Unlimited
    • Fundamentals: Hukou and Migration Unlimited
    • Land-use and Public Finance Institutions in China: An Overview Unlimited
    • Land Quota Market in Chongqing and Chengdu: De-spatialize Land Transfer Unlimited
    • Brownfields in Beijing Chemical Plant: How Cities Recycle Industrial Land Unlimited
    • Integrating the Proposed Property Tax with the Public Leasehold System Unlimited
    • Module Summary; Student Presentations for Phase 1: Ideas Unlimited
    • Dispersion of Urban Agglomeration through High Speed Rail Unlimited
    • Managing Car Ownership in Chinese Mega Cities Unlimited
    • Costs of Air Pollution: Focusing on its Human Health Damage Unlimited
    • Progress in Energy Efficiency: Technology, Policy and Market in China’s Automobile Sectors Unlimited
    • Financing Urban Access: Transportation, Form and Land Grabbing Unlimited
    • Understanding and Untangling Complex Urban Issues through Emerging Big Data Unlimited
    • Module Summary; Student Presentations for Phase 3: Literature Unlimited
    • Drifting and Getting Stuck: Migrants in Chinese Cities Unlimited
    • Urbanization vs. Citizenization: Self-employed Migrants in Wangjingxi Market Unlimited

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