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April 8, 2022


180 Days


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180 Days

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180 Days


This course should be completed after the General work health and safety. The health and community services course will build upon knowledge gained in the general work health and safety module and provide participants with a greater understanding and knowledge of hazards and issues in the health and community services industry.


The health and community services information page is a health and safety package for a person conducting a business or undertaking, managers and workers of small, medium and large-sized businesses as well as those training to enter the workplace. The health and community services industry includes a range of work activities such as child care, safety and first aid for children, caring for the sick and elderly and people with disabilities and special needs, cleaning and clerical tasks.

Course Content


Course Curriculum

    • Manual handling 02:00:00
    • Slips, trips and falls 02:00:00
    • Safe moving of client 04:00:00
    • Hazardous substances 2 days
    • Biohazards 02:00:00
    • Infectious diseases 04:00:00
    • Medical waste 01:00:00
    • Bullying 01:30:00
    • Work related stress 01:30:00
    • Occupational violence 03:00:00
    • General Health and Safety Assessment 4 weeks
    • Fire Safety Assessment Forms 4 weeks
    • Safety Questions 01:15:00

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