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March 30, 2023


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Unlimited Duration

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Unlimited Duration


Building on the experience developed since the launch of the Open Centre for Languages and Cultures, this free short course provides an introduction to Ukrainian Languages and Culture.

This free online course is for everybody who is interested in finding out about Ukraine and its people and wants to get a first insight into its rich cultural heritage. It is also for learners who interact directly with Ukrainian refugees, for example by hosting refugees in their homes, and who want to bring what they have found out – their knowledge and experience – to a space where they can engage with like-minded others and can find and provide mutual support and advice.

The course has been written by and developed with an Ukrainian academic with extensive experience of teaching Ukrainian. It will be moderated by a learning/community advisor who will provide support to learners during the course and will provide check-ins at key points throughout the course. Learners can chat together on the course forum, where the advisor will answer questions about the language and other Ukraine-related topics.

Ukrainian culture will be taught in English throughout the course. You can also access a range of further free resources to support Ukrainians settling in the UK and Ireland, which is also now available as a Ukrainian language version.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • take part in simple conversations with a Ukrainian friend or guest on everyday topics
  • understand key elements of Ukrainian culture, including the build-up to the Russian invasion and the resistance of the Ukrainian people
  • use the Knowledge Exchange Forum to access and share practical information about supporting Ukrainian displaced people in the UK.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction Unlimited
    • The forum discussion Unlimited
    • Who is the course for? Unlimited
    • This is your course, make it your own! Unlimited
    • Take it at your own pace Unlimited
    • How to get the most out of the course Unlimited
    • The alphabet Unlimited
    • Typing Ukrainian Unlimited
    • Grammar Unlimited
    • Using Google Translate Unlimited
    • And finally, enjoy… Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Greetings Unlimited
    • First meeting Unlimited
    • More greetings Unlimited
    • Introducing yourself Unlimited
    • My name is… Unlimited
    • The Ukrainian alphabet Unlimited
    • Breaking the alphabet down Unlimited
    • Different sounds Unlimited
    • How are you? Unlimited
    • New language Unlimited
    • How are you feeling today? Unlimited
    • What do you do? Unlimited
    • Party talk Unlimited
    • Popular occupations Unlimited
    • Ukraine information Unlimited
    • Celebrating Vyshyvanka Day Unlimited
    • Stories of hope Unlimited
    • Forum discussion Unlimited
    • Week 1 summary Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Close family Unlimited
    • Natalka and her family Unlimited
    • Mariia and her family Unlimited
    • New language Unlimited
    • Mary makes some new friends Unlimited
    • How to say ‘my’ in Ukrainian Unlimited
    • Personal pronouns Unlimited
    • Wider family Unlimited
    • Extended families Unlimited
    • Key language Unlimited
    • Getting familiar with the alphabet Unlimited
    • Letters я, ю, є and ї Unlimited
    • Ukraine information Unlimited
    • Easter Unlimited
    • Hope story: Dnipro Kids Unlimited
    • Forum discussion Unlimited
    • Week 2 summary Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Houses and homes Unlimited
    • Viktoriia’s home in Kharkiv Unlimited
    • Mary invites Viktoriia to visit Unlimited
    • Viktoriia visits Mary Unlimited
    • Welcoming language Unlimited
    • Practise what you have learned Unlimited
    • Furniture and domestic appliances Unlimited
    • Time to practise Unlimited
    • More practice: listen and match Unlimited
    • Ukraine information Unlimited
    • The land Unlimited
    • The people Unlimited
    • Learning the alphabet Unlimited
    • Softening of consonants Unlimited
    • Ukrainian Christmas magic Unlimited
    • Hope story: the power of music Unlimited
    • Forum discussion Unlimited
    • Week 3 summary Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Mary’s garden Unlimited
    • Fruit and vegetables Unlimited
    • Food and drink Unlimited
    • Practise the new language Unlimited
    • Ukrainian meals Unlimited
    • How does it taste? Unlimited
    • Tea with Viktoriia Unlimited
    • Learning the alphabet Unlimited
    • New consonants and old friends Unlimited
    • History of Ukraine Unlimited
    • Ukrainian cuisine Unlimited
    • Hope story: soup for soldiers Unlimited
    • Forum discussion Unlimited
    • Week 4 summary Unlimited
    • Introduction Unlimited
    • Education Unlimited
    • Words related to education Unlimited
    • Danylo chooses his GCSE subjects Unlimited
    • Compare your pronunciation Unlimited
    • The Ukrainian education system Unlimited
    • The UK school system Unlimited
    • Healthcare Unlimited
    • Let’s learn parts of the body in Ukrainian Unlimited
    • A visit to the doctor Unlimited
    • Medical language glossary Unlimited
    • Ukrainian consonants and apostrophe Unlimited
    • Ukraine information: Independence Unlimited
    • Ukraine history: independence to invasion Unlimited
    • Learning while the bombs fall Unlimited
    • A personal story Unlimited
    • Forum discussion Unlimited
    • Week 5 summary Unlimited

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