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October 19, 2022


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Approaching transportation as a complex, large-scale, integrated, open system (CLIOS), this course strives to be an interdisciplinary systems subject in the “open” sense.

It introduces qualitative modeling ideas and various techniques and philosophies of modeling complex transportation enterprises. It also introduces conceptual frameworks for qualitative analysis, such as frameworks for regional strategic planning, institutional change analysis, and new technology development and deployment. And it covers transportation as a large-scale, integrated system that interacts directly with the social, political, and economic aspects of contemporary society. Fundamental elements and issues shaping traveler and freight transportation systems are covered, along with underlying principles governing transportation planning, investment, operations, and maintenance.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction: Context, Concepts, and Characterization Unlimited
    • Transportation System Components: An Internal and External Perspective Unlimited
    • Article for Discussion Unlimited
    • Transportation Systems: 30 Key Points Unlimited
    • Freight Unlimited
    • Rail Freight Unlimited
    • Traveler Transportation and Summary Unlimited
    • Introduction: Context, Concepts, and Characterization Unlimited
    • Transportation System Components: An Internal Perspective Unlimited
    • Transportation System Components: An External Perspective Unlimited
    • The Customer and Level-of-Service Unlimited
    • Networks Unlimited
    • Transportation Systems: Key Points 1-10 Unlimited
    • Transportation Systems: Key Points 11-17 Unlimited
    • Transportation Systems: Key Points 18-24 Unlimited
    • Transportation Systems: Key Points 25-30 Unlimited
    • Models and Frameworks Unlimited
    • Modeling Concepts Unlimited
    • The Logistics System and Freight Level-of-Service Unlimited
    • Railroads: Introductory Concepts Unlimited
    • Railroad Operations Unlimited
    • Railroad Terminals: P-MAKE Analysis to Predict Network Performance Unlimited
    • Car Costs and Level-of-Service Unlimited
    • The Kwon Model–Power, Freight Car Fleet Size, and Service Priorities: A Simulation Application Unlimited
    • Measuring Origin-Destination Service and Other Rail Issues Unlimited
    • Trucking Unlimited
    • Ocean Shipping, International Freight, and Freight Summary Unlimited
    • Traveler Transportation: Introduction Unlimited
    • Commuting, Non-work Travel and Safety, and Some Transportation History Unlimited
    • Traveler Level-of-Service Unlimited
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems Unlimited
    • The Urban Transportation Planning Process and Real-Time Network Control Unlimited
    • Traffic Signals and Other Control Measures Unlimited
    • Deterministic Queuing Unlimited
    • Urban Public Transportation Unlimited
    • Intercity Traveler Transportation: Air Unlimited
    • Intercity Traveler Transportation: Rail Unlimited
    • Summary Unlimited

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